Monday, January 1, 2007

Best of 2007

  1. There Will Be Blood
  2. Zodiac
  3. I'm Not There
  4. Jesse James/Robert Ford
  5. Red Road
  6. Ratatouille
  7. No End In Sight
  8. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  9. Sweeney Todd
  10. No Country For Old Men
  11. The Savages
  12. Death Proof (Grindhouse cut)
  13. Control
  14. The King of Kong
  15. The Darjeeling Limited
  16. Eastern Promises
  17. 28 Weeks Later
  18. Smiley Face
  19. Superbad
  20. The TV Set
  21. Knocked Up
  22. Hot Fuzz
  23. Juno
  24. The Bourne Ultimatum
  25. Margot at the Wedding
  26. Michael Clayton
  27. Sunshine
  28. Once
  29. The Namesake
  30. American Gangster
  31. Paris, je t'aime
  32. Lucky You
  33. The Simpsons Movie


D. Greene said...

I have seen about half of these and liked them all!

Anonymous said...
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Joshua said...

Although I suppose I'll just have to suck it up and forgive you for liking "Ratatouille" I'm delighted to see "Sweeney Todd" on the list.

And we do miss you in the regular blogging world, you know. Not much, but sorta, sometimes. Like, now I never know when Pat Robertson is up to hilarious shit or when Michelle Malkin has period-bubbles popping in her panties. It's a sad time.